Mennoville Mennonite Church

The Mennoville Church was the first Mennonite church in Oklahoma Territory, originally located five miles north of El Reno on Highway 81.  The congregation was organized in 1891 and the building constructed in 1893 by twenty-seven charter members, including some of the personnel from the Mennonite Mission Industrial School for the Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians at the Darlington Agency and Mennonites who settled in this area soon after Oklahoma Territory opened by run on April 22, 1889.  This colony was southernmost for Mennonites along the Chisholm Trail.  Farmers of Swiss, German, and German-Russian descent were urged to settle here to establish the Christian faith on the frontier.  Regular services were held at Mennoville for 61 years.  The church structure was moved to the Canadian County Museum Complex in November 1997 from its original location.

This video was produced by El Reno High School students in the 2005-06 Leslie T Robyler's Technology Communication Class. Special thanks go to Ursala Main, Ken Wehmuler and Charlotte Wehmuller. Edited by Erin Miller & Amanda Thrasher.