Canadian County Historical Society and Museum

The Canadian County Historical Society and Museum is located in the original Rock Island Depot.  Throughout the past nearly 50 years the Canadian County Historical Society that supports the Museum has rescued several building from demolition by moving them to the Museum property at Heritage Park.  Visitors to the Museum can view the Possum Holler School, Mennoville Mennonite Church, Red Cross Canteen, El Reno Hotel, Darlington Jail and General Sheridan’s Headquarters.  The collections on display include railroad memorabilia, early pioneers and settlers, Fort Reno, Darlington, and Indian exhibits.

The Canadian County Museum is rated as one of the outstanding museums in Oklahoma.  It is open five days a week from Wednesday through Sunday.  The museum is located in El Reno’s historical Heritage Park which is on the 98th Meridian which was the division line between the Unassigned Lands in Central Oklahoma and the Cheyenne-Arapaho Lands in Western Oklahoma.  Thus, it was the West Boundary in the Run of 1889 and the East Boundary during the Run of 1892.  There are several building in the museum complex.  The main Museum is in the old Rock Island Railroad Depot.