school pictures

Independence School No. 77 better known as Possum Hollow, stood 20 miles west of El Reno near the South Canadian River [T-12-N, R-10-W, Sect. 9, NE 1/4]. The original school building was a log cabin. It burned down in 1910 and the present school house was built on the same spot. The school was located on a section line and the road just curved around it. When Interstate 40 was constructed along that section line it had to be moved. It was a one room school with all grades seated in the one room. Furniture consisted of seats, desks, a bench, and a communal drinking bucket. Water was hauled form nearby Buffalo Spring. Students rode a horse or walked to school and carried their lunch in a bucket such as a syrup bucket. Gatherings at the local school were usually the only form of entertainment enjoyed by the rural people. In 1947 the school was closed, and the district was added to Caddo County district. Possum Hollow School was donated to the Canadian County Historical Museum by Mr. and Mrs. Herman Jameson in 1976 and moved to the museum grounds.