General Sheridan’s Headquarters

In July 1885, General Sheridan crossed the Cimmaron River in Indian Territory en-route to the Cheyenne Agency.  President Cleveland had ordered reinforcements to Fort Reno along with Generals Sheridan and Miles to meet with Agent Dyer and the Cheyenne leader Stone Calf.  General Sheridan concluded that Agent Dyer was not too aggressive in his efforts to disarm, dismount and put Indians onto farms near Darlington.

General Sheridan recommended to President Cleveland that all leases be terminated in Indian Territory and that unauthorized person be removed from Indian land and that the military personnel replace the civilians at the Cheyenne and Arapaho Agency.  Sheridan spent time at Fort Reno during the early years and a log cabin structure known as ‘Sheridan’s Headquarters’ is now located on the Canadian County Historical Museum Grounds.

General Sheridan’s Cabin – Canadian County’s oldest standing structure.  The cabin, now well over 100 years old, was used as headquarters by General Sheridan, when he was stationed at Fort Reno during the Indian Wars.  The simple wood structure was constructed in March of 1876, at old Fort Reno.  The cabin was one of the seven buildings scheduled to be demolished over twenty years ago, but the El Reno Chamber of Commerce saved it from destruction.  In 1957, the cabin was moved to Adams Park, and then on to the Canadian County Museum.

As of June 2017, the structure is closed to the public and in need of restoration.